Akron Art Expo

Wallhaven is a highly residential neighborhood with outstanding retail opportunities, beautiful parks, and heavy commercial traffic that contributes to intimidating pedestrian experience.

Working in collaboration with UrHaven, a local neighborhood organization, @PLAY produced two Plein-Aire interactive art events with live music in Hardesty Park to learn about the type of artwork and experience residents wanted from their environment. This included sourcing concepts for public artwork on the utility kiosks scattered across the neighborhood.

@PLAY’s Wallhaven initiative culminated in a series of interactive murals in the children’s tent at the Akron Art Expo. Local artists Lindsey Jo Scott and Lizzi Aronhalt, who participated in our Plein Aire events, created collaborative mural concepts specifically for Wallhaven.

@PLAY’s collaborative murals engaged more than 500 people during the two day event. Children and families all contributed to the murals, which have since been completed by our local artists. As one father put it while watching his son paint on the mural:

“I believe everybody has a side that is creative that not everybody gets to see. And when you do things like this and you get to talk to people, it makes us more of a community.”

Feedback from the City of Akron and Wallhaven residents has been largely positive, with many specifically calling out our murals as the highlight of this year’s Arts Expo.