Amplify Akron

Art x Love built four freestanding walls in the heart of Akron’s Middlebury neighborhood, filling the “donut hole of investment” with creative energy and inspiration. The result was Amplify Akron, a 2-month long collaborative street art district that generated 22 modular murals by more than 600 residents, including 300 children.

Our goal was to enhance neighborhood equity with pubic art that reflected the community’s values and interests. Our collaborative approach empowered residents to take greater ownership and pride in their environment.

Many of these murals have since been finished by local artists and installed across Akron, including the following locations:

Beautiful - 850 E Market St., Akron, OH

East Side Leaders - 725 E Exchange St., Akron, OH

Middlebury - 647 E Market St., Akron, OH

PLAY - 118 W Market St., Akron, OH

Gramophone - 899 Diagonal Rd., Akron, OH

Note: this video features an interview with Jason Davis, which was recorded shortly before his death in 2017. Upon learning this, we contacting his friends and family to see what we should do, and they encouraged us to keep the video as is. We are deeply grateful to have met him and to share his unique spark.