Bubble Fest

East Akron is a neighborhood with many separate corridors. To address this challenge, the @PLAY team divided its projects across the north, middle, and southern areas of East Akron. One of the neighborhood's greatest assets, conveniently situated near its center,  is Joy Park, a vast green field attached to the Joy Park Community Center.

In the past, Joy Park had suffered from a lack of wayfinding, awareness, exciting programming, and by association a lack of appreciation. @PLAY decided to shine a light on the positives of Joy Park with an unconventional outdoor interactive experience.

We learned that “Dr. U.R. Awesome,” the 4-time Guinness World Record Holder for largest indoor and outdoor soap bubbles resided just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Together with Akron artist Deuce Dime, local food from Stray Dog, and a live DJ, we worked with the Joy Park Community Center to produce Bubble Fest, an unforgettable neighborhood celebration on July 6, 2018.

@PLAY thanks all of the partners, families, and children who danced and kept the energy high throughout this fun event. Welcome to Bubble Fest!