Reservoir Park Pool Party

@PLAY spent months collaborating with Goodyear Heights residents to power-wash and paint the walls of Reservoir Park, install murals, create benches, and transform the space into a more colorful, comfortable, and family-friendly place to play.

The previous year, Reservoir Park averaged 15-30 visitors on peak days of the summer. After @PLAY activated the space, the daily average more than doubled, and in several instances, the pool had to be closed because it exceeded capacity. Reservoir Park was so busy that the City of Akron had trouble staffing it with lifeguards, and eventually lost count of visitors. With a maximum capacity of 150 people allowed in the pool at a time, the local children developed their own technique, and would rotate in and out of the pool to allow their friends to jump in the water.

@PLAY’s Reservoir Park Pool Party was the culmination of this work and drew more than 700 visitors in single day. @PLAY provided interactive art, games, free food, and live music with local DJ Ace-Boogie and rapper A-Minus.

The success of @PLAY’s work in Goodyear Heights has directly led a major swing in neighborhood perception, activity, and investment. Reservoir Park was awarded a $100,000 Parks Challenge Grant from the City of Akron, and local neighborhood organizations like the R.I.G.H.T. Committee have made Reservoir Park the signature location for neighborhood events like Night Out Against Crime.

None of this would have been possible without the outstanding collaboration and support of Goodyear Heights’ residents, stakeholders, artists, and local leaders from the City of Akron, the R.I.G.H.T. Committee, and Dimaura Ink.