PorchRockr Remix

PorchRokr! It’s one of Akron’s signature festivals and an amazing example of the city’s capacity to reimagine spaces and inspire community. With music as a common thread, @PLAY was engaged to run the interactive art district for the event.

In researching Highland Square, it became evident that a large portion of the neighborhood is under-utilized and does not benefit from the artsy identity and creative activity that defines Highland Square as a great place to live, work, and play.

We created the @PLAY Remix collaborative mural district at PorchRockr to generate public art for the neglected corridors of the neighborhood. These murals feature historical events, local icons, renegade symbols, live paintings, kids walls, and messages of hope and positivity.

In one day, the @PLAY Remix generated 20+ murals of collaborative creative artwork with a for the community. These murals have since been completed with the help of local artists, and are currently being prepared for installation across Highland Square and key locations in Akron’s neighborhoods.