End of the Tour

Dear friends and neighbors,

Our first @PLAY tour is over.

In June of 2017, we embarked on a Knight Cities grant project to produce an 18-month, 24-neighborhood series of interactive art challenges, strategically designed to bring people together and encourage deeper community connections across Akron.

We produced 93 unique initiatives, hired 168 local artists, collaborated with 8,775 local residents, and created more than 100 pieces of public art that have reinvigorated more than 50 public spaces across Akron’s 24 neighborhoods.

All of this was possible because of you and the incredible team of leaders that contributed to so many of the key stages of this project.

We are deeply grateful to the Knight Foundation for giving us this opportunity, and to the City of Akron, Summit Metro Parks, Akron Public Schools, Summit County Historical Society, Summit-Akron Public Library, and Downtown Akron Partnership for their support.

We called our project @PLAY because we believe that the most responsible way to improve, evolve, and change our way of life is to do it together. Playful collaborative creative opportunities challenge how we think about ourselves, our environment, our capacity for change, and our faith in one another. 

@PLAY put everything back in play for Akron. As one student, then participant, then artist, then intern, then college graduate, then gainly employed Akron resident told us, “@PLAY taught me how to human better.”

Thank you for humaning with us!


Mac Love
Chief Catalyst
Art x Love, LLC

AkronMac Lovethank you, @PLAY, Akron